Sandals We Love To Walk And Enjoy In The Sun

Well here at David Spruce – Bury we are praying for a good summer. We have lots of amazing sandals and mules to whet your appetite.

Gabor Karen is now a firm favourite here at David Spruce. Now on its third summer season here in store, this fantastic adjustable wedge sandal is available in white leather, tan leather, black leather, silver metallic, grey nubuck and navy nubuck. Of course this on trend wedge measures in at 50mm high. I personally love this leather sandal and actually own a black, tan and silver pair. They look great with shift dresses and cropped trousers alike. Because Gabor is renowned for comfort, despite the height I even use this as my airport sandal. Continue reading

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The Ultimate Women’s Summer Shoe Is Here

Well ladies summer is on its way and of course it’s imperative to have comfort on those tootsies for all seasons and purposes. For that perfect footwear, look no further than Gabor Helen.


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Looking to make an impact with your handbag?

Making an impact with your handbag is all about creating a statement that complements your style and your personality. The David Spruce website has a range of handbags on offer, perfect for a range of personalities and styles. What’s more, many of these handbags are now in the David Spruce handbag sale, which represent value for money. Some of these sale items are up to a designer brands.

One example of a great style statement is the Juno handbag available in peach. This handbag looks smart, professional and very fashionable. It has a small clutch handbag style which is perfect for carrying around when shopping or even at work. The original retail price of this particular bag was £59.99, but it is now on sale for £45. This handbag looks a lot more expensive than this, and many people would believe that you would have paid double the price.

Kipling is a funky and quirky design a style that is known for interesting and practical bags. The Kipling Defea is one example of a small and compact yet very practical bag from the Kipling range. Like with all of the bags in the Kipling range, it comes with a toy monkey keyring on the edge of the bag. This keyring has been given a name and acts as a very quirky addition to the brand.

The bag itself comes with lots of pockets, both internal and external with zips and buckles galore. This bag is small in its size but you can fit a surprising amount of your items inside the bag. Originally retailing for £82, but in the sale this bag is available for £59.99. This is excellent value for money when you are considering the value of the designer. This bag is perfect for work or a more casual occasion such as going to the beach. It is also available in both black and white.

There are many other bags available in the David Spruce range, in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your style. Check out their range today for more information.

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Boys shoes for this season that parent and child will both love

It can be difficult to find a pair of shoes that both you and your child love. As a parent, you will want your little boy to run around in comfortable shoes that you not restrict his feet in any way. However, your child may want some stylish shoes and not care so much about their practicality. With the Clarks range of shoes from the David Spruce website, you can find some great looking shoes that are also highly practical and as an added bonus there are many that feature in the sale.

One example of this is the Clarks Alcan GTX Jr Shoe, coming in at a sale price of £35 down from £45. This polished and black smart shoe is a good choice for your child whether he is running around in the playground for whether if he is attending a more formal occasion. The shoe comes with a Velcro strap which makes it easy to pull the shoe on and off and fit into place at your child’s feet grow.

If your child is a little bit younger, the Clarks barnacles shoes. Both smart and fulfilling their purpose, the Clarks barnacle’s shoes are just £7.50 from the David Spruce sale. The shoe has a picture of a shark on the home, and comes with a denim finish but with solid and practical soles.

Thinking ahead to the winter? You may be looking for the perfect pair of boots for your boy. The boy’s Clarks build boy boots are a perfect pull on and pull off ankle boot that comes in a brown leather finish and with a chunky sole. This makes it ideal for running around whilst also making a good formal shoe for when the occasion presents itself. This shoe is just £18 in the David Spruce sale, down from £36 originally. The great thing about this boot is that it will last the whole season and is also excellent value for money.

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Great gifts that come in at an even better price

The David Spruce website is well-known for its great value shoes and accessories. The accessory sale that is currently on offer from the David Spruce website does not fail to disappoint and offers great opportunities to purchase gifts for loved ones, including friends and family.

One brand that features a lot in this sale is the Saicara cosmetic brand. You will find lots of great products that will make ideal gifts from this brand.

For example, the foot butter 200 mL cream which comes in at just £9.56. This is a fragranced foot butter which provides an intensive moisturiser for your feet. The ingredients in this butter are all focusing on anti-inflammatory and moisturisation properties, so you will find avocado oil, mango stone and vitamin E in this cream. The mango extract will revitalise your skin and help tired feet to regain a new vitality.

Along with this come the foot smooth, the foot repair, but Bath and the foot sponge. These all make great gifts for any of your loved ones, including both older and young relatives alike.

Also featured in the accessory sale is the fossil purse, which is a popular purse that comes in a range of colours. This includes navy, green and orange. Fossil is a very popular designer brand and this particular purse comes in at a sale price of £39.99. This is excellent value for money when you consider the designer involved. The purse is great for carrying all of your essentials around with you wherever you go. It also doubles up as a great clutch back for the evening, when a regular sized handbag would appear too chunky and heavy.

The David Spruce website has a range of great accessories on sale for you to choose from today. The accessories that are on offer change frequently, so it is a good idea to check back regularly to ensure that you are first to see the great sale items that are on offer.

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Kids shoes for the summer that don’t break the bank

Trying to find the right shoes your children this summer can be difficult, as you want to ensure that you find shoes that are both practical and comfortable for your children.

There are many different shoes available on the market which offers great value for money and a practical solution, so your children can run around all day without worrying about what is on their feet.

One shoe that is ideal for your child this summer is the Clarks Daisy Bell pre-shoe. Clarks is well-known for its shoes that fit well and last the test of time. This shoe is great value for money when purchased from the David Spruce shoe website. This shoe retails at £22 from the David Spruce website, down from £30 which represents excellent value for money. The shoe itself comes with a Velcro strap which means that it can be easily adjusted to your child. It also has breathable leather and a comfortable sole which means that your child can run around all day without any difficulty with their feet.

If you were searching for the perfect summer sandals your child, the Clarks hazy Aimee shoes come in at under £20 and are the perfect shoe for the beach or summer days. Again, this shoe comes with a Velcro strap which is perfect for the summer so that you can easily slip the shoes on and off. It also has an open time feature which means that your child can have free and cool feet all summer.

If you want something a little smarter for the summer, perhaps if you have some weddings to go to or other formal events, the Clarks Alana Lucy shoe is an ideal choice for you. This comes in two colours, a purple and pink. Both come with a buckle strap that looks smart and is ideal for keeping your child’s shoe in place when they are running around on the dance floor. The chunky stitching also make the shoe stylish and this particular shoe will go with many different outfits for your child this summer.

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Huge Kipling Handbag and Kipling Monkey Sale 2013

Kipling handbags The Kipling handbags since their inception in 1987 have been quite popular among bag lovers. These versatile bags are a combination of fun, style and durability. The Kipling Monkey logo is very famous and gives a funny look to the bad. These versatile bags are fit for all the rough uses and can endure severe conditions without giving away. The adorable monkey logo has actually made the brand quite popular among the female who love and adore these bags. The fact that 23 Kipling bags are sold every minute proves the fact that the Kipling handbags have a hugely popular customer base.

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Introducing Kipling Handbags at Our Site

Kipling handbags

Kipling handbags, since its inception in 1987 have made for itself a unique brand position with the Kipling Monkey as its brand. The connection is clear, the Jungle Book and its writer Rudyard Kipling. These bags combine adventure, fun and functionality together to give the perfectly stylish yet durable handbags. These essential bags have been quite popular for more than a few decades and are the new introduction to the site. One can now get some cool Kipling handbags just a few clicks away. These versatile bags are long lasting and endure rough usage and can be used extensively without wearing them off.

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Check Out Some of Our New Stylish Wide Fit Shoes for Women

wide fit shoes for women

The requirements of all are not the same. It varies from person to person. As it varies for the dresses they wear so does for their footwear. While getting shoes for women you must check is she needs a wide fit shoe. It is important to get wide fit shoes for women if needed as a regular show will restrict the tow and feet movement and will result in a painful experience while wearing them. Shoes should be bought to fit the exact size and so that they are comfortable. Today, a lot of branded companies are making comfortable wide fit shoes for women.

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Looking For Ladies Wide Fitting Shoes on This Easter Festival?

Ladies Wide Fitting Shoes

This Easter festival getting the perfect pair of shoes for the ladies is not going to be as difficult task as it seems to be. Many new branded companies now cater to the need of those with a wider size than usual and make special sized shoes for them. Getting ladies wide fitting shoes is now relatively easy with the introduction of e-shopping where one can just go to a site and choose from among the wide array of wide fitting shoes available under the different brands. Special care is taken to make these shoes highly fashionable as well as comfortable.

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