Lotus Katya 1228

[caption id="attachment_561" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Katya 50027"]Katya 50027[/caption] Well I have chosen to feature the Lotus Leather Handbag called Katya 50027  Priced at £69.99. We stock this superb clutch/shoulder bag (it has a nice slim removable silver coloured chain inside) in Black, Cream, Navy Leather, Bronze and Pewter Metallic Leather. This handbag is sleek for all occasions but will just about fit in a small camera, small brush, a little make-up. (your husband/partner can carry the money!!!). Katya actually partners a super sling back sandalized shoe from Lotus called: Trini 50027 in the same colours as the handbag. The whole set then comes in at just under £130.00 which is good going for special occasion sets in this day and age. The reason I have high-lighted this handbag for this week's blog, is because here at David Spruce  we buy a lot of handbags to match our shoes, and I am well aware that as the season gets under way a lot of shops sell out of the matching bags or they choose never to buy them. There's nothing worse when you have found that perfect shoe that not only fit's you, but the colour matches etc etc and you cannot get the bag. So please try us online at www.davidspruce.co.uk  I am sure you won't be disappointed. Free postage over £40.00 in the UK.
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