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David Spruce

  • Fitflop “New Sneakers in fantastic new combinations”

    Well I have just got back from two days at the largest UK trade show for Footwear - the NEC-Birmingham. It was great to catch up with my old colleagues, old customer's (from my rep-ping day's) and of course my now fellow retailers!!!.Comparing note's can be essentially reassuring in these difficult economical times. Who's the best brand? Who's got the best prices? Who's got the best ranges?. All of us "Retailers" try very hard to deliver what we feel is best for you guys and girls to buy for the forthcoming season. It's hard work but essentially fun and often rewarding in pure satisfaction rather than monitory. My girls and "Aaron" at David Spruce will be chuffed to bits that I have added the brand: Birkenstock to our brand portfolio for next Spring/Summer 2012. Yes apologies but we are now buying shoes and sandals for S/S12. We have been asked for the brand for years, but in our old store on 11,The Mall, we simply had no room to grow but now in our new store in 7,Union Arcade,Mill Gate Shopping Centre we have lots more room in our upstairs stockroom and downstairs in the store to display them!!! It was a delight to return back after the NEC to lots of new A/W11 deliveries just arrived in store at David Spruce. Fitflop Supersneaker £100.00 is following the hugely successful style Supertone that has been a proven winner in the S/S11 colourways but this new Sneaker is sooooo snazzy. This style cleverly conceals the toning sole (so you can wear it without anybody knowing you’re getting a workout). It has the same famous thigh muscle-activating, foot-flexing, bottom-benefiting biomechanics built-in, but it doesn't look like a shoe that’s ‘good for you.’ Highly recommended as a ‘second’ style for FitFlop sandal addicts With the benefit of the Micro Wobbleboard these shoes not only help posture but can help the consumer with hip, back and knee problems (they are very much proven). The Fitflop range is broadening season on season and the phenomenal is still as ever powerful. At David Spruce we stock all three genders. If you want a toned bum for Christmas then treat your bum and your feet to these little beauties above. Bye for now.

  • Clarks Star-Jump “PE at it’s best”

    Well it's been a fair few years since I was at school now and a fair few years since I have worn a pair of Black plimsolls. How I loved my school days particularly "PE". I was in every team going and became sports captain of my entire year...happy days. My little William may only be just 2 years old, but I can definitely see he is going to "sporty" like his mummy and daddy's footsteps. Here at David Spruce we offer two choices of PE pumps, one from Clarks featured above. Star-Jump is available from Sizes 7-51/2 and is Priced at £9.00 and the other is from Start-rite Skip is available from Sizes 7-5 and is Priced at £12.00. In store at David Spruce we tend to find the wider feet (G and H's) are better suited to the Start-rite version and the Clarks Star-Jump tends to be better for width's E and F's. The beauty of these two brands is the "fit" and the half size availability...they may be a little dearer than the "off the peg cheapies" but they do not slip at the heel when your "little darlings" are climbing, running and jumping. I would rather pay a little more for a fitted pump than have my William home with a broken arm because he slipped out of his pumps whilst walking on the beam. Here at David Spruce goods over £40.00 are Free of Charge so why not tag a pair of plimsolls onto your order to get it over the threshold for carriage pair. And don't forget your Black Shumagic Priced at £3.50 . Have a fun Summer holidays with the kids but don't leave your school purchases too late!

  • The Long Awaited “Bed of Roses” are finally here. Wow!

    Our first ever season with this very new fact this is the very first season in the UK even. We consider ourselves very fortunate as David Spruce has contacts with the agents for buying brands past and present such as Naot and Miss Sixty Footwear, so we were in the loop, so to speak into securing the agency for this superbly fresh inspirational brand. This "Off the Wall" range of ladies footwear, ticks lots of boxes. Starting with the fitting, a little more generous on the width fitting, so you don't have to have wide feet and be shown only "older styled footwear". You can still be fashionable and in this case with this range, quite outragous. Vivienne Westwood and Lady Ga Ga eat your heartout!!! Ok we start with the shoes from left to right...Rah Rah £79.99, Afternoon Romp £99.99 and finally Conjuring Quick £99.99. How different are these. We sell alot of Lelli-Kelly childrens shoes in our retail store and the moment I was shown this Spring/Summer collection from "Bed Of Roses " and I thought to myself, this is Lelli-Kelly's for grown ups. And after our first week of this range arriving into store, I have proved myself right. The shoes arrived a week ago, and in the first week-end we sold 6 pairs...that's pretty good in the current economic climate and still only in the month of March. The Spring/Summer season historically really starts when Easter is with us, but this year Easter is so so late, so an early reaction to something quite new and un-proven is great to see. The shoe box is so so cute, we have tried to show you the box with the shoes pictured above around it (I am sure we have'nt done it justice). The shoe box would grace any ladies boudoir. In fact at the week-end the comments were as complimentary about the box as about the shoes. Most of this current range is made up of Nubuck or Suede Leathers and Patterned Fabrics. All of these upper materials should be protected with "Saicara Water Protect" priced at £4.50. This product is the prevention rather than the cure. Please contact our well trained sales team for any addition advice on the cleaning of these products. If you are paying up to £100 for footwear, I am sure you will agree you need to know how to prolong their life. What is great about this range of shoes, is you will be at a special wedding or function this year and the lady next to you will not be wearing the same shoes but she will be envious of yours!!!

  • Bed of Roses “Succotash 3895″

    Well we are now at the start of the month of June and the gardens are full of Roses. Well the "Bed of Roses" range of shoes launched it's first range ever in the UK in April 2011.  At our store in Bury, Lancashire we took delivery from the very beginning - and we have not been disappointed. The range is so funky, sometimes a little extreme but lots of fun. Like nothing we have ever stocked before. The textiles, colours and heel shapes just add value to the ethos of the "Bed of Roses". If you have ever come across the brand  "Irregular Choice" it's much of the same. The same agents handle both brands in the UK. Featured above in one of the" tame...leopard print" ballerina pumps called: Succotash 3895 in Brown and also Fuchsia Pink Priced at £59.99. The uppers are a combination of printed fabric with suede panels and top lines in contrasting colours. The inside linings and in-socks are so beautiful, it's such a shame no one sees that when you are wearing them..but for us in store, displaying them all is a treat. Have you seen the box they come in? Wowee...I'd love wallpaper like that! We have already bought the Autumn/Winter collection and they are available already to view in our Up and Coming section of our website The new range is due in September. If buying these shoes on the internet and you haven't ever had the "Irregular Choice" brand then please go up in size. Trust me. I am a classic ladies english 6.5 or 39 (FitFlop,Gabor) but with the "Bed of Roses" I have had to go up to the 40. I would consider them a slimmer than average fit for this Spring/Summer range anyway. Once the stock is gone, it is gone! It's all pre-ordered ahead of the season with no in stock facility available to don't drool for too long!

  • Angry Angels “The must have school shoes”

    Look Heavenly... The Angry Angel's collection has been developed with the needs of girls aged 10+ firmly in mind. Based on findings from extensive research, the versatile range combines fiendishly fashionable looks with purely angelic comfort "everyday" shoes that girls want to wear and their parents are happy to buy. Each Angry Angels style features a range of "X Factor" elements to add extra girl appeal including soft to touch upper, branded memory foam foot bed for extra comfort, attractive draw style box and re-usuable tote bag. Charm 7401, Beauty 7402 and Passion 7400 Prices from £35.00. Every girls wants to show a Passion for fashion and with this sensational ballet pump, complete with toe seam detail and over foot strap, they can do just that. Girls in Passion will be the envy of every friend.  Angry Angels are available from Sizes 1-8 including half sizes (so yes even you ladies can wear them!!!) At David Spruce we are all now getting geared up for the onslaught of feet pattering through our doorway in preparation for the next school season. The minute the children break up, our stock is in and piled so high that the choice is phenomenal, clearly the longer you leave it to late IE: August-early September the stock becomes more depleted so try to think ahead. However we are a major UK stockist of Children's fitted footwear such as Clarks, Start-rite, Bootleg, Angry Angels and lots more. So please try us on if your local stockist has run out of your size. It goes without saying that you always need to get your children measured for length and of course width, our feet have to support our bodies for many years so it pays to look after them. Hopefully mum's your teenage daughter's won't be "Angry Angels" for too long!

  • Angry Angels Vocal 7289

    Mums and dads: It's time to gear up for Back To School -BTS- And seen as our summer weather isn't very summery at all, you may as well spend some time shopping around for the ideal BTS shoes! David Spruce is ready for you anyhow :-) with stock crammed to the rafters and the sales staff all geared up for the kids to break up from school... we say: 'bring it on'!!! This week I'm going to focus on a brand that prooved very popular last year. If your teenage daughter is all about wanting to be fashionable and 'in' with the crowd, then Angry Angels is the brand to go for. Although I have titled this blog as featuring AA Vocal 7289, I will be telling you all about the brand in general. Angry Angels is a brand in its own right, however when I tell you that Start-rite is its mother, then hopefully that should help you to decide on it as a trustworhy competitor for your growing teenage girls feet. We have stocked Angry Angels online and in-store for the second year running now and from last year's experience, we found that most girls needed to go up a full size to a size-and-a-half from what they were measured generally; so they are a small fit. If you are buying online then we would recommend that you take your daughter to be measured somewhere beforehand. If she is a slim fitting (E & F) then go up one size. If she is a wider fitting (G & H) then go up a size-and-a-half. Throughout the summer period we will replenish Angry Angels stock as it sells, so no need to worry, you won't miss out on them. Angry Angels Vocal 7289 is a classic BTS shoe but what makes it trendy is all the detailing across the front of the shoe and the slim sole unit. The heel collar is padded as is the insole and the velrco fastening makes it easy to put on and take of. Another worthy point to make is that all Angry Angels' shoes have leather uppers and that we stock Vocal in Medium and Wide fitting styles. To conclude this week's blog: when you buy any Angry Angels style, take a look inside the box and you'll find a free tote-bag with AA's winged logo; perfect for school files and folders.

  • Boys shoes for this season that parent and child will both love

    It can be difficult to find a pair of shoes that both you and your child love. As a parent, you will want your little boy to run around in comfortable shoes that you not restrict his feet in any way. However, your child may want some stylish shoes and not care so much about their practicality. With the Clarks range of shoes from the David Spruce website, you can find some great looking shoes that are also highly practical and as an added bonus there are many that feature in the sale.

    One example of this is the Clarks Alcan GTX Jr Shoe, coming in at a sale price of £35 down from £45. This polished and black smart shoe is a good choice for your child whether he is running around in the playground for whether if he is attending a more formal occasion. The shoe comes with a Velcro strap which makes it easy to pull the shoe on and off and fit into place at your child's feet grow. If your child is a little bit younger, the Clarks barnacles shoes. Both smart and fulfilling their purpose, the Clarks barnacle’s shoes are just £7.50 from the David Spruce sale. The shoe has a picture of a shark on the home, and comes with a denim finish but with solid and practical soles. Thinking ahead to the winter? You may be looking for the perfect pair of boots for your boy. The boy's Clarks build boy boots are a perfect pull on and pull off ankle boot that comes in a brown leather finish and with a chunky sole. This makes it ideal for running around whilst also making a good formal shoe for when the occasion presents itself. This shoe is just £18 in the David Spruce sale, down from £36 originally. The great thing about this boot is that it will last the whole season and is also excellent value for money.

  • Looking to make an impact with your handbag?

    Making an impact with your handbag is all about creating a statement that complements your style and your personality. The David Spruce website has a range of handbags on offer, perfect for a range of personalities and styles. What's more, many of these handbags are now in the David Spruce handbag sale, which represent value for money. Some of these sale items are up to a designer brands. One example of a great style statement is the Juno handbag available in peach. This handbag looks smart, professional and very fashionable. It has a small clutch handbag style which is perfect for carrying around when shopping or even at work. The original retail price of this particular bag was £59.99, but it is now on sale for £45. This handbag looks a lot more expensive than this, and many people would believe that you would have paid double the price.

    Kipling is a funky and quirky design a style that is known for interesting and practical bags. The Kipling Defea is one example of a small and compact yet very practical bag from the Kipling range. Like with all of the bags in the Kipling range, it comes with a toy monkey keyring on the edge of the bag. This keyring has been given a name and acts as a very quirky addition to the brand. The bag itself comes with lots of pockets, both internal and external with zips and buckles galore. This bag is small in its size but you can fit a surprising amount of your items inside the bag. Originally retailing for £82, but in the sale this bag is available for £59.99. This is excellent value for money when you are considering the value of the designer. This bag is perfect for work or a more casual occasion such as going to the beach. It is also available in both black and white. There are many other bags available in the David Spruce range, in a variety of colours and finishes to suit your style. Check out their range today for more information.

  • The Ultimate Women’s Summer Shoe Is Here

    Well ladies summer is on its way and of course it’s imperative to have comfort on those tootsies for all seasons and purposes. For that perfect footwear, look no further than Gabor Helen.

    Here at David Spruce in Bury we are on our second summer with this superbly comfortable lace-up casual shoe. This “Rolling soft” super-comfortable shoe makes walking effortless, improves posture, this helps in better weight distribution and therefore optimises lateral stability. This season we stock our firm favourites beige nubuck, navy nubuck and pewter metallic along with new for us – white leather and a grey nubuck. The unique selling feature of this lightweight lace-up is the removable leather foot bed which is really useful if you’re an orthotic wearer. Even when you take out the removable insole the other in sock is also leather along with part leather lining around the soft mesh membrane.

    Last year I personally sold this lace-up to ladies who didn’t naturally pick it up. I suggested it along with their similar adjacent products that they had selected, and every customer who put it on the foot, actually bought it – seeing is believing. When you wear this amazing shoe, you literally bounce along the floor like a spring chicken. We all want to feel a spring in our steps – don’t we? At £89.99 this casual shoe is price held year on year despite Brexit! HELEN-BGE One thing we can boast about here at David Spruce is for 37 years in business this August and 30 years of them stocking Gabor Helen, we have never had a more sought after brand. Gabor has retained its dignity and identity over three decades. Second generation boss Achim Gabor is at the heart of this business based out of Rosenheim, Germany and quality is his Achill’s heel. Gabor Helen looks amazing with cropped trousers, full length trousers and if you’re brave enough – a pair of shorts. I dare anyone to say this shoe isn’t comfortable. Over and out!

    One thing we can boast about here at David Spruce is for 37 years in business this August and 30 years of them stocking Gabor Helen, we have never had a more sought after brand. Gabor has retained its dignity and identity over three decades. Second generation boss Achim Gabor is at the heart of this business based out of Rosenheim, Germany and quality is his Achill’s heel. Gabor Helen looks amazing with cropped trousers, full length trousers and if you’re brave enough – a pair of shorts. I dare anyone to say this shoe isn’t comfortable. Over and out!

  • Sandals We Love To Walk And Enjoy In The Sun

    Well here at David Spruce – Bury we are praying for a good summer. We have lots of amazing sandals and mules to whet your appetite. Gabor Karen is now a firm favourite here at David Spruce. Now on its third summer season here in store, this fantastic adjustable wedge sandal is available in white leather, tan leather, black leather, silver metallic, grey nubuck and navy nubuck. Of course this on trend wedge measures in at 50mm high. I personally love this leather sandal and actually own a black, tan and silver pair. They look great with shift dresses and cropped trousers alike. Because Gabor is renowned for comfort, despite the height I even use this as my airport sandal.

    karen-grey The T-bar offers superb support and the buckle is fully adjustable with some elastic to help your foot slide in easily. The back strap on this trendy wedge sandal is padded too. The wedge heel has a mix of a cork/rattan which gives it a unique look but at the same time is tremendously practical. Karen is a wider fitting sandal from the German giants “Gabor” – and is classed as a German G fitting – similar to a UK D width fitting.

    The sole unit has a slip resistant feel to it, so much so my silver pair is making their way to Sorrento with me this weekend, despite the cobbled streets awaiting me. Perhaps I should take my tan ones too, as the Italians love the colour “Tan” = especially the guys . Oops forgot to tell you one bit of amazing information, this wedge sandal is also stocked in a range of half sizes. Believe me ladies; this feature is becoming rarer and rarer as lots of brands are moving into whole size continental sizing. Even my size 6.5G look really neat on my hoofs for feet because the height flatters the foot and the T-bar flatters and slims down the instep.

    Here at David Spruce we have stocked the Gabor brands for 30 years and is one of biggest brands in store and online and is a firm personal favourite of mine. These are trusted and quality shoes at affordable prices. When you compare the quality of the leathers to some other brands, you will find there is really is no comparison.

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