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Boys shoes for this season that parent and child will both love

It can be difficult to find a pair of shoes that both you and your child love. As a parent, you will want your little boy to run around in comfortable shoes that you not restrict his feet in any way. However, your child may want some stylish shoes and not care so much about their practicality. With the Clarks range of shoes from the David Spruce website, you can find some great looking shoes that are also highly practical and as an added bonus there are many that feature in the sale.

One example of this is the Clarks Alcan GTX Jr Shoe, coming in at a sale price of £35 down from £45. This polished and black smart shoe is a good choice for your child whether he is running around in the playground for whether if he is attending a more formal occasion. The shoe comes with a Velcro strap which makes it easy to pull the shoe on and off and fit into place at your child's feet grow. If your child is a little bit younger, the Clarks barnacles shoes. Both smart and fulfilling their purpose, the Clarks barnacle’s shoes are just £7.50 from the David Spruce sale. The shoe has a picture of a shark on the home, and comes with a denim finish but with solid and practical soles. Thinking ahead to the winter? You may be looking for the perfect pair of boots for your boy. The boy's Clarks build boy boots are a perfect pull on and pull off ankle boot that comes in a brown leather finish and with a chunky sole. This makes it ideal for running around whilst also making a good formal shoe for when the occasion presents itself. This shoe is just £18 in the David Spruce sale, down from £36 originally. The great thing about this boot is that it will last the whole season and is also excellent value for money.

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